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The School Of Healing Ltd Does Not Make Any Guarantees Regarding Your Ability To Achieve A Certain Level Of Financial, Business Or Personal Success By Using Our Services. Any Information That We Provide Is For Guidance Purposes Only And Must Not Be Taken As Advice Or A Guarantee Of Any Outcome.

Your Success Depends On Many Factors, Including But Not Limited To, Your Personal Motivation, Your Time Commitment, How Effectively You Implement The Strategies Taught, Your Efficiency In Following Up On Each Program, And Where Relevant The Particular Market And Industry In Which Your Business Operates.

Testimonials And Examples Provided Are For Illustrative Purposes And Are Not Intended To Represent Or Guarantee That You Will Achieve The Same Or Similar Results.

The School Of Healing Ltd Does Not Provide Medical, Legal, Investment Or Professional Advice. All Opinions Are Provided For Your Consideration And Should Not Be Solely Relied Upon. We Aim To Provide Great Benefits From Your Use Of Our Services; However, We Do Not Guarantee Or Represent In Any Way That You Or Your Business Will Attain A Certain Level Of Sales, Profits, Earnings, Or Any Other Metric Of Success. It Is Your Responsibility To Obtain Professional Advice. By Using Our Services You Acknowledge And Agree That You Alone Are Responsible And Accountable For Your Decisions And You Shall Not To Attempt To Hold Us Liable For Your Decisions, Actions, Or Results, At Any Time, Under Any Circumstance.
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